If you are looking for Pictoword Superheroes Level 19 Answer, Tricks and Solutions, this is the right place for you. Pictoword offers different levels wherre you have to take two pictures and take either the element in the picture or the sound to determine the word it represents. The Pictoword game is a great fun and learning app for your kids. The brainstorming is a fun learning activity for adults as well. However some of the Pictoword levels tend to show extreme difficulty and we are here to help you out.


However, be warned that below the answers will be blatantly revealed.  If you just want a big hint then here goes: X-Men.  If you want the answer, then please keep reading.  

Superheroes Level 19

You can find our collection of Superheroes  Level 19 Answer for Pictoword apps on iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, Samsung, iOS and Android devices. Pictoword is one of the most addictive word puzzle game which about combining a few words from pictures you see into one word or a phrase.

Pictoword Superheroes Level 19 Answer

Need some assistance for solving Pictoword Superheroes Level 19 Answer? Are you stuck on Superheroes level 19 and cannot find the proper answer? No need to worry anymore as we are here with all the answers for Pictoword puzzle to make your life easier.

Answer: STORM

Now that you have the answer, you can jump into the next level. There’s also answers for Level 20 as well, but we suggest you give it a go first before getting to the answers. This game is super fun and super addictive and lets you stretch your brain muscles with some interesting problems you can look at. You’ll be likely spending countless hours on this fantastic puzzle game.

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